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Landlords’ new gambit: Teaming with tenant advocates on rent subsidies push

Landlord groups looking to avoid a likely rent-law reforms trouncing are trying a new tactic in Albany: joining progressives in calling for stepped-up aid to tenants. Building owners are seizing on a bill from Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi (D-Queens) and Sen. Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) that would create a new rent supplement for people eligible for public assistance and facing eviction or homelessness. Read More


March 27, 2019: Asm. Andrew Hevesi

Asm. Andrew Hevesi (D-Queens), chair of the Assembly’s Social Services Committee, discussed Home Stability Support, that prevents families on the brink of homelessness from losing their homes Listen Here


Arrests don’t deter advocates calling on Gov. Cuomo to back measure to combat homelessness

A chorus of chants echoed through the state Capitol building over back-to-back days this week as activists called on Gov. Cuomo to take action on a measure to combat homelessness. Read More


Members of New York Congressional delegation call on Cuomo to back program to fight homelessness

Nearly a dozen members of the New York congressional delegation want Gov. Cuomo to get on board with a proposed state program to help keep families out of homeless shelters. Read More


Adams Joins Chorus For State Rent Supplement For Those Facing Homelessness

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams this week joined his borough president colleagues from Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island is support of a proposed measure in which the state would provide a rent supplement to families facing homelessness. Read More


Home run: Aid refuge from dead-end shelters

New York has its heart in the right place with a clause in the state Constitution that guarantees aid to the needy — and its head everywhere and nowhere, spending billions each year on shelter for 88,000 homeless people and counting. State Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi and Sen. Liz Krueger are back for a second stab at a potentially better idea Read More


Bipartisan group of elected officials calls for new program to fight homelessness

ALBANY – With state budget negotiations fast approaching, more than a dozen lawmakers are calling for the final spending plan to include enactment of a program to reduce reliance on homeless shelters. Read More

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CityViews: State Must Equip the City to Truly Combat the Homeless Crisis

Across the five boroughs, homelessness has become too commonplace. Many of its victims are living on the streets, sleeping in parks, and escaping these cold winter months underground in the subways. An all-time record 63,500 New Yorkers sleep in shelters every night, including over 23,000 children. Read More


Queens lawmaker joins organizations in urging Cuomo to fund ‘Home Stability Support’ to curb homelessness

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi is calling for the executive budget to include a critical program he claims will stop the growth of homelessness in its tracks in a recent letter Governor Andrew Cuomo. Read More

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Hevesi Renews Push for Home Stability Support in Letter to Cuomo

The crisis is evident in subway cars, ATM kiosks and even Queens courthouses. In communities across the city and state, thousands of homeless New Yorkers seek warm, and relatively safe, places to sleep. Read More


More Homeless Children in New York

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi breaks down a new study that found a staggering number of homeless and the increasing number of children homeless in New York State. Watch here


EXCLUSIVE: State homeless population said to be larger than population in all but two New York cities

ALBANY — Next stop, the third largest city in the state: Homelessville, N.Y.
Alarming new data compiled by Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi and the Coalition for the Homeless found that 254,866 New Yorkers were homeless at some point over the past year, a number exceeding the population of every community statewide except New York City and Buffalo. Read More

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Hevesi says HSS is gaining momentum
Anti-homelessness push has new allies, a better chance of passing

When his bid to get Home Stability Support included in last year’s state budget failed, Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Forest Hills) said at the time that he was “certain” he would get his $450 million anti-homelessness initiative funded at some point in the near future. Read More


Advocates rally for new homelessness legislation

ALBANY, N.Y. -- More than 88,000 New Yorkers are living in homeless shelters across the state. That's a number that advocates say needs to go down, and they're asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to do his part. Read More


Opinion: is this the fix to the homeless problem we need?

At a press conference in front of Ithaca City Hall nearly one year ago, our state Assemblywoman, Barbara Lifton, Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick and Lifton’s colleague, Queens-area Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, presented a proposal they saw as a means of addressing a worsening homeless problem both here and across the State of New York. Read More


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January 10, 2018: Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi

An estimated 80,000 households are on the verge of homelessness in New York State. Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Queens) explained his introduced a bill to increase rent subsidies to help support public assistance qualified families on the brink of homelessness. View More

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Increasing affordable housing a statewide issue

Increasing the amount of affordable housing has been a priority for many downstate lawmakers for years, but legislation like the Home Stability Support plan has run into roadblocks at the capitol. That is partially because... Read more


Assembly Dem: So Far, City & State Steps to Protect Affordable Housing Aren’t Enough

Comprehensive action at both the state and city levels will help address this housing crisis. Consider Assemblyman Hevesi’s Home Stability Support program, which will help keep families in their homes when they are facing eviction. Read more

De Blasio is Pressed to Use More Federal Tools Against Homelessness

The group calls for the city to boost the number of homeless households given NYCHA placements to 3,000 a year. It also advocates for the state to approve Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi’s idea for a Home Stability Support program that would replace and expand the city’s LINC initiative and other voucher programs. Read more


Engaging the Private Rental Sector to Address Homelessness

Encouragingly, New York City’s largest landlord group, the Rent Stabilization Association, has endorsed the Home Stability Support bill proposed by Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi to create a state subsidy to supplement the shelter allowance. Advocates and elected officials should capitalize on this and use the opportunity to bring other landlords and State legislators on board. 

Renewed push to pass state homelessness subsidy in 2018

Legislation to create a statewide rental supplement to curtail the growth of homelessness in New York, while generating savings for local social service agencies, is the focus of a renewed campaign ahead of the 2018 budget and legislative session. Read more


7 Policies to End Family Homelessness

Raising awareness of the city’s universal access to legal counsel for tenants facing eviction and enacting Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi’s Home Stability Support rental assistance proposal will help families remain in their homes. More broadly, the city should invest in strategies that help identify housing issues further upstream long before they become a crisis to prevent homelessness and promote greater housing security.  Read more

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Hevesi vows to continue homeless subsidy push

A bill that may have started to chip away at New York’s homelessness problem stalled in the Republican-dominated state Senate, where legislators weren’t as familiar with “the severity of the crisis,” or didn’t fully appreciate how it could help their districts, according to the bill’s lead sponsor.  Read more

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The neediest New Yorkers suffer most from de Blasio’s rent games

The Home Stability Support proposal by Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi and Sen. Jeffrey Klein would address the city’s homeless crisis by providing a federal- and state-funded rent subsidy to tenants facing eviction. It’s designed to keep the poorest, income-challenged families in their homes.  Read more


Homelessness on the rise in Western New York

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The rate of homelessness in Western New York has increased three percent in the past year, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Read more

Activist, lawmaker talk about ways to help homeless students

Author and public health activist Dr. Irwin Redlener, and Queens State Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, talk to In Focus Host Cheryl Wills about ways to help homeless students View video


These bills are back in Albany

As the new year approaches, state lawmakers are preparing to return to Albany. Some of them bring along bills that – despite big pushes – couldn’t make it into law last session. Here are some of the bills you’ll be hearing about again. Read more


Maspeth resident pens book to help communities understand and combat the city's homelessness crisis

One Maspeth resident is looking to get to the root of the city’s growing homelessness crisis, which sees nearly 60,000 people sleeping on the streets each night, and dispel some of the myths surrounding homelessness through her new book “Our Invisible Neighbors.” Read more



Engaging the private rental sector to address homelessness

The recent 40 percent increase in New York City street homelessness per the 2017 HOPE Count has brought much deserved attention to bringing those street homeless inside. It’s also important to assess efforts to permanently house those street homeless once they come inside.

According to data from the Mayor’s Management Report, single homeless adults are increasingly bottlenecking in city shelters, and when they are housed, they too often return to shelter within a year. Since fiscal year 1999 (FY99), a single homeless adult’s shelter stay has more than tripled Read more


Memo to City Council: Right to counsel act won't curb homelessness

On the surface, guaranteeing the right to counsel in housing court appears to benefit tenants and affordable housing. But free legal representation for low-income New Yorkers facing eviction is more quick-fix-politics than sound long-term policy – and the politicians pushing these gimmicks, Read more

Hevesi vows to continue homelessness subsidy push

A bill that may have started to chip away at New York’s homelessness problem stalled in the Republican-dominated state Senate, where legislators weren’t as familiar with “the severity of the crisis,” or didn’t fully appreciate how it could help their districts, Read more


Katz backs Hevesi’s rent subsidy support

Borough President Melinda Katz has joined a growing coalition of advocates in calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to support the Home Stability Support program introduced by Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Forest Hills), and urge its inclusion in the state budget ahead of the April 1 deadline. The measure would create a new rental subsidy for families facing homelessness due to eviction or domestic violence. Read more…


Mayor's rent and eviction policies are pure politics

Poor and low-income tenants need sound policies that provide permanent relief. But de Blasio inexplicably remains silent on Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi's widely praised subsidy proposal, Home Stability Support, which would address the city's record homelessness by providing a federally and state-funded rent supplement for tenants eligible for public assistance and facing homelessness or eviction. Read more… logo.png

Faith leaders call on NY to help people pay the rent

It’s always nice, however, when clergy can support public policy which meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our congregations while garnering bi-partisan support. The Home Stability Support program, thoughtfully conceived by Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, is one of those rare opportunitieswhen we can reach across the aisle to make a difference. 95 faith leaders across our state recently signed a letter supporting HSS. 
More specifically, the HSS Program will provide funds to help people bridge the gap between the small subsidy that is offered by the State Government and the actual cost of rent in a particular region. The theory behind HSS is that it is far less expensive to keep people in their homes than have people endup in homeless shelters. The genius of HSS is that it is tailored to what housing actually costs in every part of the state. HSS provides for more straightforward way to secure these funds. Read more…


Albany challenges Mayor's shelter plan

Klein said he prefers an alternative plan created by Assembly Member Andrew Hevesi (D–Forest Hills) to create a “rent subsidy program” and give people the choice to live in their own homes. Klein said his group of Democrats, along with Assembly Democrats, have included Hevesi’s Home Stability Support program, and are trying to get funding for it. Read more…


Caucus Lawmakers Boost Home Stability Support Proposal

A plan that would existing state rent support for a new rental supplement with the goal of bridging the gap in subsidies and fair market rents is being backed by the members of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus, according to a letter sent on Wednesday to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In the letter, lawmakers urge funding for the program be approved. Read more…


UFT Backs Home Stability Support Plan

“There are more than 150,000 homeless children in New York State, children whose learning is at great risk,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew. “Home Stability Support is a way forward for the state to help ensure that every child has a stable home. We’re proud to stand with Assembly Member Hevesi and Senator Klein in supporting this initiative.”

The proposal, backed in the Assembly’s one-house budget resolution, would be phased in over the next five years, including $40 million in the first year. The money would be used to provide subsidies to rental costs up to 85 percent of fair market rent. Read more…